I simply have to paint and create

It’s a necessity of life.

This is me and this is where I live, one of the worlds most beautiful places, Western Australia.

My love of creating spans nearly four decades and only now, since my migration to Australia in 2008, am I able to dedicate my time to my passion via extremely varied occupations!

I’m an Artist!

It’s taken so much and so long to make this statement and I am bursting with pride to make it.

My paintings are predominantly acrylic and I often incorporates mixed media such as pastels, chalks, pencil, charcoal, basically anything I can put on canvas!

I’m an avid follower of all art genres and find inspiration from found objects or simply colours around me from seasons or man made objects.

Outside of art, my family and I are striving to living off the grid.  For those of you who desire this lifestyle it doesn’t come easy but we’re plugging away!

Please feel free to message me as I love connecting with people and of course I am always happy to discuss commissions both commercial and private. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

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