3 ways to focus a ‘Bouncy Brain’!

Currently and over the last few weeks it feels like I’m on the edge of something. I’ve been working long hours on my business and there are elements that are finally fitting into place. However, there are other areas that are in complete chaos. I have a creative brain and this means that while i’m working on one project my uber creative inner ‘Katherine’ is quietly squirrelling away on an entirely different project, the net result is nothing ever gets completed. So, enough is enough and I need to quieten that inner voice to allow my current projects the space they deserve.

Those of you with what I call BBS (Bouncy Brain Syndrome) like me, will totally get this, others like my OH can not understand why I can’t ever finish a job. With a young family I have limited time so, like most of us, I try to cram 4 days work into 6 hours. Now, ambition is a wonderful thing but not when it is building you up for a fall, which most days it feels like it is. There are strategies I have put into place to help me achieve my goals and I wanted to share them with you.

Firstly, I am learning to schedule time for me to just ‘think’. This may sound strange but we are moving through life at 100mph and I for one need to slow down and just allow my thoughts to evolve. There are a few ways I do this. If I’m trying to do something and I’m being distracted by internal innovations, I simply write them down to come back to later, then continue with the job in hand. This allows the idea to be parked and not forgotten. It does however been my journal worryingly reflects my brain with a ton of lose pieces of paper poked in it, but hey, I guess I can’t have it all! It may look chaotic to others but this is my piece of mind, all my ideas are in one place ready for when I have time to develop them, with no fear of forgetting that groundbreaking idea I may have had while writing this blog post. The other place I use is the car. I live in a fairly remote area so I spend a lot of time there and I can allow my ideas to flow. With ‘Siri’ as my partner I can record my thoughts with voice command on my phone without touching it, win win. I then schedule time in my diary to expand on these projects. They may come to nothing but if I don’t try I’ll never know.

The other thing I do is make time to breathe or meditate. My children are early risers, always have been, and there no sign they’ll be stopping anytime soon. Unless I want to get up at 4am I’m never up before them. You know how you read those articles about ‘The 5 Things Successful People Do Every Day’ one of them is always “I get up at 5am so I can get a couple of hours uninterrupted work in before the rest of the family wakes up”, say WHHAATTT, your family sleeps until 7am?! What I do do however is give myself 5 mins at 6.25 before they come slamming into our bedroom the minute the clocks in their rooms say 6.30. I’m not complaining, they are coming in for morning kisses and cuddles and I am acutely aware that this does eventually stop so I’m enjoying the moment. In these 5 minutes I just breathe, I clear my mind and concentrate on my breath, I don’t think about anything. This has taken endless practice. It is not easy to think about nothing (unless you are my OH, then apparently this is normal!), especially when you have so much going on. I started with just 1 minute and worked up to 5 minutes and for me that is enough to refuel and start my day with a clear head.

The other thing I do is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as Tapping. I do this in the shower and it helps focus my thoughts and eliminate doubts. The king of EFT is Brad Yates and I would recommend you google him. He has lots of YouTube videos that talk you through the process. Many entrepreneurs and business mentors use this tool and I have found it very useful……once I got past the whole tapping on your face thing!

So that’s it #1 Scheduling time to ‘think’.
#2 Five Minutes of Meditation/Breathing
#3 EFT

I hope this goes some way to help my fellow bouncy brainers and I’d love to hear how you go with these.


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Increase your vibe in 2017

I found out a few days ago I didn’t get the funding that I was hoping to develop my business. I had pinned my hopes on this life line that would give me the push I wanted to propel my business into the realms I have only dreamt of. So, to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I was on a a family holiday and when I read the e-mail title with the word ‘Unsuccessful’ in it I could of let it put a dampener on the last couple of days of what had been a lovely family break. I decided there and then that this would be the making of me. I wouldn’t let myself feel defeated and I could do this on my own. Immediately I began planning my next moves, how I can finance my business development without funding but still have the business I want. I will have a successful leveraged business doing what I love, I will make it work, it will not be hard and success will come to me with consistent effort of which I will enjoy.

We all need plans, goals, dreams, etc whatever it is you want to call it, but the only way to achieve them is to make them really specific, throw everything at them, set timelines and stick to them. As we get older we know only too well how quickly those days fly by and before we know it, it’s a new year and we’ve not achieved what we had hoped. I am terrible for putting off until tomorrow what really should be done today, but 2017 is the year those things get done! No putting off tasks and leaving everything until the last minute. This has been my MO my whole life and not only is it frustrating for people around me I also annoy myself and it’s genuinely exhausting!

As with most of us we are often exhausted with family/work/social life and sometimes you just simply ‘can’t be arsed’! But how is this really helping us achieve my goals? This is not just as straight forward as just doing it especially when you are not a natural ‘doer’, it takes a lot of internal work and self care to get there.

When I had my first baby I was a complete wreck the birth was traumatic our baby was in intensive care and my hormones were not being kind. My amazing midwife said to me “the best thing you can do at this time is take care of you, you will be no good to your baby if you are unwell”. My emotional and physical state was not open to such advice and it was only as the fog started to clear I realised the importance of this statement and also how this is true in all areas of our lives. So many of us put family, career and friends before our own wellbeing without even considering that if we practiced better self care how much better employees, business owners, parents, daughters/sons, husbands/wives, friends, colleagues, etc we would be.

So this year I have set 3 really simple self care goals that I do every.single.day!

1. 5 minutes of mindfulness/meditation.
2. Drink 2 litres of water.
3. Get at least 7 hours sleep every night.

So I challenge you RIGHT NOW to adopt just 3 things that increase your level of self care. Whatever works for you, mine are simple but you may like to get a regular beauty treatment, buy new clothes, have a night out with friends or a night away from home to recharge, etc whatever increases your vibe and makes you a better you.

So comment below and tell me what your 3 things are, I’d love to hear!


5 Steps to Goal Setting

What are your goals for 2017?

I choose to use the word ‘Goals’ over ‘New Year Resolutions’ as I feel there is way more power in the word, plus you can set goals at anytime of the year, winning! For me goals are a way to focus my time and think how I can grow over the next year, in both my professional and personal life, this is very important. If you want to build a life you have dreamed of you need to know where all areas of your life are heading.

Now, I love nothing more than a brainstorming session whatever the subject but GOALS by far are my favourite. I love to go right outside my comfort zone, think about what I feel can achieve then up the goal. I believe in my previous corporate life this would have been known as a Stretched Goal but now I refer to it as my Platinum Goal.

If you do one thing in 2017 it’s SET YOUR GOALS! There’s a reason large corporations do this as it gets results, it gives you direction and it is measurable. You can revisit your goals at anytime, amend or add to them, but you just need to start doing them!

If you’ve never done this before here are some guidelines:

  1. Set short, medium & long term goals – Make some quick winning goals, it spurs on the motivation and these small steps all go towards your ultimate long term goals.
  2. Write them down – This may seem obvious but this is so important, don’t just think about them put them down on paper and read them.
  3. Focus on your goals daily – This process it like an affirmation. Read them everyday to keep your focus.
  4. Do one thing towards your goals daily – No matter how small do just one thing. It may be a phone call, an e-mail or 10k words of your book. Whatever you do is a step to achieving your goals.
  5. Be really really specific – This may be the most important element. The more specific you are the easier it is achieve and measure your goal. Put plenty of detail around the goal. For example a professional goal may be to get a pay rise. How much you want, when do you want it, how will you quantify achieving it, how will this improve your career/life. A personal goal may be to buy your dream home, so when you do want to do this by, what area will it be in, what will the house be like, how will this improve your life, what do you need to do that you’re currently not doing to achieve this. The more detail you can put around your goals the better. The detail is the small steps you need to take to achieve your bigger goals.

What are you waiting for make 2017 EPIC! I know that’s my plan.

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